About Us

The infrastructure in the coastal areas of the Arabian Gulf region is exposed to one of the most aggressive conditions in the world. As a result, the existing structures show loss of serviceability well before their design service life. The effect is more pronounced in reinforced concrete structures due to corrosion of the reinforcing steel. The existing structures require repair to make them serviceable as well as protection against further deterioration to extend their service lives. New structures require judicious selection of design, materials and construction practice which match with the existing severe exposure conditions.

For existing deteriorating structures, various repair techniques are available ranging from “do nothing” to “complete replacement”. A professional and logical approach to repair of a structure is to make condition assessment of the structure prior to carrying out repairs. Assessment involves determining the causes of deterioration, mapping the extent of damage, assessing the structural integrity and serviceability and predicting the remaining service life of the structure. It will also provide various options of repair and protection. The assessment will help the facility owner to make important decisions regarding repair by answering questions such as, (i) whether the repair is required, (ii) what will be the life without repair (iii) cost of the repair, (iv) service life after the repair etc.

For new construction, the design, materials and construction practices should match the prevailing severe exposure conditions. With the development in concrete technology in the region over the past two decades, it is now possible to design structures virtually for any design service life. It is, therefore, strongly recommended that the corrosion specialists should be involved at the design stage to ensure durability of the structures.

Hamed Al-Ghamdi Engineering Consultancy (CONTEC) provides planning and design services for buildings and infrastructure, project management, and specialized services in condition assessment, repair design, corrosion protection and cathodic protection of reinforced concrete and steel structures. Our qualified and experienced engineers can provide assistance to you in designing and constructing new buildings and infrastructure and in assessing and protecting your valuable infrastructure against corrosion and provide it a safe and durable life with no major maintenance.

Since its formation in 2004, CONTEC is constantly growing and has provided services to major clients like Royal Commission Jubail, Saudi Electric Company (SEC), Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and other private sector clients. We are serving the Royal Commission Jubail as their corrosion studies consultant since 2008 under Contracts 560-T32, 560-T35 and 560-T37 "Corrosion Studies".