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Planning and Design

Complete project management services including site supervision


Project # 1: Corrosion Study for Jubail 2

This study was carried out for Royal Commission and comprised two parts. Part 1 involved characterizing and developing a database on the exposure conditions of Jubail 2.

Part 2 involved developing corrosion control guidelines on materials and construction practices to be applied to the future development in Jubail 2. The study included characterizing the exposure conditions in Jubail 2 for foundations and buried structures in terms of groundwater table depth, chloride and sulfate concentration in soil and groundwater, soil resistivity and sulfate reducing bacteria in soil. The field testing covered under this task was carried out by one of the Royal Commission geotechnical contractors/testing laboratory.

Based on the study, the soil conditions above the groundwater table were divided into “severely corrosive to corrosive” and “moderately corrosive”. The soil condition below the groundwater table was classified as “severely corrosive to corrosive” for the entire area.

Recommendations were provided for corrosion control for concrete structures exposed to different conditions in these two severity zones. The guidelines include recommendations on selection of cement type, water cementitious materials ratio, cementitious materials content, compressive strength, concrete cover to reinforcement, additional protection measures and construction practices.

Project # 2: Developing Engineering Manual, Standard Details and Specifications

The project scope included engineering standards and standard details related to corrosion control and cathodic protection for Royal Commission, Jubail. The documents prepared include (i) corrosion related sections of the general engineering manual (GEM), (ii) general guideline specifications (engineering standards) on cathodic protection and (iii) standard drawings for cathodic protection.

Project # 3: Review of Tender Documents for Corrosion Control

As part of the Corrosion Studies contract for the Royal Commission, Jubail, CONTEC carries out review of tender documents at 30%, 90% and IFC stages to ensure proper corrosion control measures are included in the design. The documents reviewed include contract specifications, drawings, scope of work, bill of quantities and design basis reports.